Typical Scottish Food

Some people may have heard that the Scottish typical food can be a bit different – and often described as odd – from other British foods.


Haggis is the most common and consumed of all, with good number of options presented in the shop shelves, is considered the national dish, despite it has been said it did not originated there.

It consists of a grind mixture of a sheep’s lungs, heart and liver cooked with onion, stock and other spices, and despite many modern techniques today, it was originally encased in the animal’s stomach. It can be served in various ways, from being as a main dish served with ‘neeps’ (parsnip) and ‘tatties’ (potatoes) or as little as one of the ingredients in the typical breakfast. It has a peculiar and slightly stronger taste, and although many twist their noses at it, it is well appreciated by the Scotts.

Deep-fried mars bars

Another commonly found food is the deep fried Mars bars. Yes you heard it right, it is the Mars chocolate bar deep-fried as normally done with Fish & Chips. It has started in the early 90’s, and it is naturally most appreciated by children and frowned upon by parents, as well as the deep-fried pizza or sausages.

We filmed the reaction of one of the producers visiting Scotland and trying it for the first time and it is hilarious:

Scottish tablets

Scottish tablets are another sweet option, more refined and with great variety that might include Scottish whiskey in the recipe, it is a crystallised condensed milk with sugar and butter and easily found throughout the country.

Other foods are very similar to the rest of Britain with a few variations, and as them, there are a great varieties of pies, shortbread, puddings and soups. But what is it so unique in Scottish dishes? They normally contain a good amount of fat, blood or other animal products, and this is seen in foods like black pudding, white pudding (instead of blood it is made with fat), bacon sandwiches, grouse and fish dishes. All of them, however reflect tradition, care and became part of their identity, so wherever the reason you are there, do keep an open mind and indulge yourself in such an unique part of their culture.

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