What we Do

We offer high quality entertainment through professional Scottish performances around the world in a showstopper presentation, and here are the main – but not only – services offered:

Typical Scottish Dance Presentations

Also known as Ceilidh dance, it is the only bespoke Scottish dance troupe, presented in large and small venues, depending on the event’s needs. As the traditional music plays, the dancers will give the public the best touch of a genuine combination of moves that have survived for many generations, presented with a modern and engaging atmosphere.

Ideal for corporate events, interval between bands, festivals, exhibitions and wherever is able to enjoy what the land of the tartan and bagpipes is all about.

Dancers rehearsing in theatre before show to be presented on the interval. This theatre has the capacity of 2,000 people.

Highland Dance Workshops

Want to feel like a proper Scottish? In this workshop you will learn simple moves, steps and interact in groups, experiencing the joy in a happy, easy and vibrant session that is suitable for all ages and invites everyone to step off their chairs, translating the truth Highlander spirit.
It is extremely popular in corporate events, weddings, birthdays and any other event where group interactions are a must. (most popular!)

Scottish Band

A well-known band that delivers typical Scottish music with in a modern style that is guaranteed to take people off their seats and enjoy the use of typical instruments and rhythm with a different touch that falls far from being boring. It can be accompanied by the dancers, as well as participate in the workshop.

Presentations were held in The U.S., Dubai, the Caribbean and many other places in which the Gaelic influence is admired.

Heelan Bahookie is the combination of pure Scottish art and modern touch

Meet and Greet

If you are hosting an event and you want to add another layer and wow your guests, we can provide from 1 to many of our gorgeous guys and girls to interact to your specific needs and ask questions. Be it just a photo opportunity or actively participating we are able to accommodate from small to large scale events.

Modern Dance Workshops

It is a dance class with a twist. We have a wealth of experience delivering dance workshops to private parties, schools, dance companies, and corporate team building events. Our highly experienced dance teachers deliver a unique and unforgettable experience and are quick to adapt to any audience, making it enjoyable for any public. Unlike our Highland-only dance workshops, these are tailored to a broader range of styles but do include a modern twist to Highland. Designed for all levels, let the fun Scottish dancers lead and wow your guests.

In this the bride and bridesmaids joined to surprise the groom’s Scottish family. They had no idea!


Host your very own Ceilidh. This unique kind of event is an experience itself. Not many people will have the chance to go to Scotland to participate in this party, so if you need some help making the best Ceilidh we are your people. This is a luxury premium product, and it involves music, dance and production.

Interested? Have any questions? Get in contact here and we’ll be glad to help!

And we wish you an amazing event!